300 Gallon Copper Top Whiskey Still Brandy Column Alembic for Sale

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Product Origin: China

We are a still manufacturer from China. We can design and manufacture equipment for your needs. We offer stills that give you the full range of flavor and sulfide-reducing properties that only copper stills can provide.

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Product Details

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300 Gallon column still stripping Distiller with whisky column

DEGONG is a manufacturer of stainless steel products with years of experience , eg. mixing tank, beer equipment, fermenter, distiller,etc.Generally DEGONG distillers have some models to meet customers’ different needs as following.

  • The capacity of industry distiller can be 50L-5000L.

  • The heating way can be gas,steam and electric.

  • Alcohol percentage after distilling can be 65%, 80%±10%,80%±15% etc.

Whether what your requirements are,DEGONG can find a suitable distiller for you.Our goal is to help our customers to solve different questions.


Whether it’s a simple whisky still or a gin still with multi-plate jambs, DEGONG has you covered.

We offer a variety of styles of stills, from stainless/copper to full copper with onion domes, as well as complete systems designed for sprouted or unsprouted grains and corn.

DEGONG understood the cost of starting a distillery and, with the help of a local brewer, designed a basic workhorse, the still uses a stainless steel body with a copper top and copper posts, producing a perfect product that is both economical and aesthetically pleasing window. It also allows you to stay within a reasonable startup budget.

We also offer a full line of all copper stills and all copper side posts to suit your needs.

The stills shown below are 300 gallon batch sizes and are all in production. Each of them has a different distillation column depending on what they make.

Choose us and get more benefits
  • Deliver innovative products in the market at a faster pace;

  • Enhance the reliability of product’s quality;

  • Decrease the total cost of the product effectively;

  • Improve research personnel’s ability of creative design;

  • Gain more leading technologies about product development and increase the competitive advantage of products.

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